All About Know How Card

Big-time benefits for serious DIYers.

If there's one thing a tried-and-true DIYer should have in the old tool kit - it's this. The Know How Card is your ticket to big-time DIY savings, impressive rewards and handy benefits.


Every $250 spent = $25 voucher.*

Present your Know How Card at the checkout and pretty much anything you buy counts towards Bonus Vouchers*. Every time you reach the next $250 mark, we'll send you a $25 voucher. You'll be amazed at just how quickly it adds up.


For larger purchases, you're onto a real winner. For instance, spend $10,000 on your next landscaping project and that's a whopping $1,000 of vouchers right there!


The more you spend, the better the deals.

This is where it gets really good. On top of the standard DIY card membership, you can aim for two higher tiers of membership - DIY Plus and DIY Pro - each with exclusive savings and benefits.


Once you've spent a certain amount within 12 months, and made the required number of transactions, we'll invite you to step up a level. All you need to do is make sure we have your email address - because that's how you'll receive word of member-only offers, invitations and discounts.


Vouchers straight to your inbox.

As part of the programme, you can opt to receive your Bonus Vouchers by email, instead of by post. This means you'll be able to speed things up and have your Bonus Vouchers waiting in your inbox just 48-hour after you've earn't them.


Would you like extras with that?

The Know How Card comes with some handy extras, too. Enjoy an instant 15% discount when you hire equipment from Hirepool. And don't forget, if your purchase doesn't fit in your car, we'll loan you a trailer to get it home - free of charge.


Sign up and get a great deal more, today.

If you haven't already got a Know How Card in your wallet, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and we'll get card right out to you.





*Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for details