Terms & Conditions



  • Know How Card programme membership is free and open to everyone who is over the age of 18 years and has a postal address in New Zealand.
  • Members will be issued with a Know How Card. The Know How Card is not a credit card.
  • Your Know How Card is the property of PlaceMakers and must be returned on request.
  • To be eligible for Know How Card benefits, you must present your Know How Card every time you make a qualifying spend (see paragraph 4 below for what we mean by qualifying spend). Presentation of proof of purchase subsequently will not be accepted.
  • If your Know How Card is lost or stolen, notify PlaceMakers immediately. Replacement cards will be provided upon request, but charges (to cover the cost of the replacement card) may apply at PlaceMakers' discretion.
  • As a PlaceMakers Know How Card member, you authorise PlaceMakers to send you material to inform you of special offers, benefits and information relating to the operation of the Know How Card programme.
  • Friends or family members may use your Know How Card with your consent.



  • From time to time, you may be invited to upgrade your Know How Card to a higher "value tier" based on your Know How Card qualifying spend in a 12-month period. The 3 tiers in the Know How Card programme are:

    • DIY = standard membership.
    • DIY Plus = $500 qualifying spend in a 12 month period.
    • DIY Pro = $2,000 qualifying spend in a 12 month period.
  • DIY Plus and DIY Pro provide additional benefits including special value offers exclusive to each tier.
  • To confirm your promotion to DIY PLUS or DIY PRO status, you must log in to the Know How Card website, opt in to receive email and communications and select the preferences associated with that tier.
  • Once confirmed, you will remain on the highest tier you qualify for, for a period of 12 months, after which your tier will be re-calculated based on your Know How Card qualifying spend and the number of purchases for the previous 12 months.
  • If you opt out of receiving email communications your value tier will revert to Know How Card DIY status.



  • Know How Card holders will earn a $25 Bonus Voucher for every $250 of qualifying spend.
  • Vouchers are issued in $25 denominations only.
  • Bonus Vouchers expire 6 months after issue, if not redeemed. Expired vouchers cannot be re-issued.
  • Bonus Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and no change will be given if the total amount of the Bonus Voucher is not spent at the time of redemption.
  • Know How Card Bonus Vouchers will only be issued to and can be redeemed by, the registered card holder.
  • Bonus Vouchers are issued by email 48 hours after qualifying spend is made. If you are unable to receive Bonus Vouchers via email please contact us and we will make alternative arrangements.
  • Bonus Vouchers are not transferable. Your Know How Card must be presented along with your electronic Bonus Voucher number(s) in order to validate the voucher, and redeem it.
  • Lost or stolen Bonus Vouchers will not be re-issued.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your email address, address and personal details updated.
  • PlaceMakers does not accept any responsibility for any lost, stolen, mislaid or damaged Bonus Vouchers in the course of delivery or otherwise.
  • Any tampering, defacing or damage to Bonus Vouchers will render them invalid at PlaceMakers discretion.
  • There are some limits on what you can use your Bonus Vouchers for (see paragraph 4 below).



  • Most purchases made at PlaceMakers will go towards qualifying spend for Bonus Vouchers and, similarly, you can use Bonus Vouchers for most kinds of purchases. However, the following are exceptions and are excluded from Bonus Voucher Qualifying Spend:

i. Products marked as 'Great Rate"
ii. Local Branch promotions, like discounts for damaged goods, marquee sales or expos
iii. Frames, trusses & mid floors
iv. Freight costs
v. Ready mix concrete
vi. PlaceMakers Gift Cards
vii. Products where trade or special quoted pricing applies
viii. Deposits will contribute towards vouchers, but only when full purchase is completed.

  • Bonus Vouchers cannot be used as deposits. Please note, from time to time, other product lines may be excluded from Qualifying Spend and/or Bonus Voucher redemption.
  • Please check for an up-to-date list of exclusions.
  • We will keep a record of your qualifying spend as it accumulates. You can view it online using your member number and password at
  • We may remove qualifying spend from your record where a refund was given or a transaction cancelled.
  • If you don't use qualifying spend within 12 months of the date of that spend it will cease to be qualifying spend.
  • Cash, EFTPOS and credit card purchases all contribute towards qualifying spend (subject to the above exceptions), however, the following kinds of payments will not:

i. Purchases made with PlaceMakers Gift Cards
ii. Purchases charged to PlaceMakers charge accounts
iii. Purchases charged to GE CreditLine Card
iv. Purchases made with Bonus Vouchers.

  • For purchases made partly with Bonus Vouchers, only the part not paid for with Bonus Vouchers will contribute towards vouchers.


  • Hirepool currently offers Know How Card members a 15% discount on hire and purchases other than those on promotion.
  • Where Know How Card members are offered benefits by retailers other than PlaceMakers (e.g. Hirepool), that retailer's terms will apply, and the amount of the discount may be changed at any time without prior notice.



  • You must notify PlaceMakers of any change in your circumstances, (e.g. address), which may affect the accuracy of the information provided by you to PlaceMakers. You can do this by one of the following:

a. completing a form in-store
b. updating your customer profile on
c. emailing knowhowcard@placemakers.co.nz
d. writing to PlaceMakers, Private Bag 14942, Panmure, Auckland 1134
e. calling 0800 566 946 (0800 KNOW HOW).

  • The Know How Card may be used at any PlaceMakers branch nationwide.
  • Use of the card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and PlaceMakers Standard Terms of Trade available at www.placemakers.co.nz
  • These terms are subject to change so please continue to check these terms periodically. Continuing to use your Know How Card will constitute acceptance of those amended terms and conditions. For special PlaceMakers promotions other terms and conditions may apply.
  • If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may return your card to cancel your membership.
  • PlaceMakers means Fletcher Distribution Limited; however, any other entity and/or person (or their successors or assigns to the foregoing) authorised (whether previously, now or in the future) to trade under the name PlaceMakers and Fletcher Distribution Limited (whether jointly or severally) will be entitled to rely upon these terms and conditions as applying to them. Fletcher Distribution Limited administers the Know How Card programme on behalf of PlaceMakers branches.
  • Privacy Act: In accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, all the information you have provided to PlaceMakers on the application form will be used strictly for the purposes of issuing you with a Know How Card, administrating the programme and for PlaceMakers Know How Card promotional activities. PlaceMakers may disclose this information to third parties if required to do so by law. You have the right to access and request correction of your personal information. To do so, please notify PlaceMakers in accordance with the notice provisions above.
  • Termination: PlaceMakers reserves the right to terminate membership of the programme, without notice and for any reason. PlaceMakers reserves the right to suspend, modify, alter or terminate the Know How Card programme (including the terms and conditions of the programme and membership) at any time, for whatever reason with or without notice and is not liable for any resulting loss of rewards or benefits should this occur.
  • You may at any time terminate your Know How Card membership in-store or by returning your card to PlaceMakers, Private Bag 14942, Panmure, Auckland 1134. If you terminate your membership of the programme, all your membership benefits and obligations relating to the Know How Card will cease (including any qualifying spend existing at that time).
  • Except to the extent that you have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act, Fletcher Distribution Ltd (trading as PlaceMakers) does not accept any liability (whether arising under contract, tort, statute or otherwise) to you for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, cost (including leading costs) or expense you suffer or incur arising from your participation in the Know How Card programme or the supply or use of (or inability to supply or use) a Bonus Voucher or other benefit offered under the programme.

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